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Growing up in coastal New England, in an Italian family with roots in Sicily and Naples, Cliffe is most at home with classic flavors and fresh ingredients, which is exactly what Rosewood Kitchen + Enoteca is all about.

With seasonal menus, pop-up restaurants within the restaurant, and partnerships with local specialty food and beverage importers and producers in the country, Cliffe’s talent and leadership has led him to be a driving force within the city's growing culinary scene.

For more than 10 years, Cliffe has grown the Rosewood brand into one of the most recognized and respected hospitality groups in the city thanks to his commitment to quality, service and supporting sustainable and responsible farmers and food purveyors from across the country whenever possible.

Cliffe is an accomplished and internationally recognized chef and restauranteur, skilled butcher and baker. When he’s not in the kitchen at Rosewood Kitchen + Enoteca, you can find him at either at The Butchery by Rosewood, The Market by Rosewood, or in the kitchen at his newest restaurant, La Rosa.

Cliffe Arrand, Owner/Executive Chef

Often recognized as one of the leading entrepreneurs and consultants in the food and service industry in Mongolia, Enkhzaya is the driving force behind the Rosewood brand, where she oversees most aspects of the business. Together, the husband and wife duo have created a culinary force that’s changed the way the city’s diners look at food and dining out, developing a style and level of service that’s unmatched across Mongolia.

She has been listed on Forbes Mongolia’s 30 under 30 list and is a certified mentor with Youth Business International and the Young Professionals Group, as well as a member of Global Shapers, a World Economic Forum initiative, as well as the Junior Chamber International (JCI).

Both she and Cliffe are members of the Organic Development Cooperative Certification Organization, the association working towards creating Mongolia’s first organic food certification agency.

Enkhzaya Bat-Orgil, Owner/CEO

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